Your acquaintance with a strip club might be through a movie or music videos. People around the world have not set their foot into the fun and happening strip clubs of America. There are also those who have spoken highly of the whole experience and look forward to visiting a night full of the party again. Either way, there are some things that you should know about the strip clubs that would help you make up your mind about visiting them.

You might visit it to celebrate a bachelor party or just for fun, remember it is all just a show. When the strippers show you attention, they are interested in your wads of cash and are not personally invested in you. It is easy to get carried away with all that show of affection and lose a lot of money. Rather than repenting later, you should know about these points before hitting the strip club for your next party.

Glitz and glamor

Glitz and glamor

Stripping involved a lot of style and seduction. It is not about merely taking the clothes off.  Most of the women working in this industry, especially in Asia,  are sexy bikini models that turned into erotic dancers at night in order to make ends meet.  They work hard on their bodies and their dance skills to make your experience sweet and wonderful. It is a common misconception that only lonely men visit it. A lot of money who just want a wild party throng to these places as well. Don’t be surprised if you find women spectators there. The whole thrill of the strip club is not limited to one gender.

You would find some tough dance moves against the move with their strong bodies. The whole experience is truly unique. You get to appreciate the exotically beautiful beings from all over the world, at the same time, you can marvel at their dance skills and power of seduction.

You can’t touch

strip club

If you are walking into a strip club with the idea that the woman is your personal property, you are mistaken. You cannot go grabbing her body as you like. The security system around these places is tough and we cannot promise you if you would come back home in one piece. Ensure that you do not touch them. If you want to interact with them, you can ask for their permission. Just because there is a display of flesh, it does not mean that you own it all. Consider as respectful as the day job that you might be going to.

It is also important to be respectful while it is easier to let go of your apprehensions when you are done. Nobody is advising you against having fun but maintain your limits.

It is easy to lose money there

While you might be throwing cash in the air like it is no one’s business, you should rather be careful if your finances are tough currently. You might go in asking for a lap dance and they might charge a flat rate. But if you do not pay attention to when it is done and still continue to enjoy the proximity, you would be charged more.

There might be some dancers who would ask you if you require a lap dance. You can even politely turn them down. They would not feel bad over your rejection. Ask them for how long the song is going to be and make it clear that you are not willing to pay more than what you have agreed to unless you want to tip the dancer graciously. Along with that, there is also a bill of food and drinks. Go easy on the drinks because you want to enjoy the wonderful music and the attention of the beauties for a long time instead of just passing out.

For the women

For the women

If you are a woman who is entering a Gentleman’s Club out of sheer curiosity, don’t be surprised if the stripper gives you a different kind of attention. You can turn them down and may even have a conversation about their life. It is important to remember that these women are at work and do not take anything personally.

You can dance around and have the best drinks. The music is groovy and this is a party that you would rarely ever visit. So we recommend you make the most out of your visit.


While strip clubs offer an element of unexpected fun, many have argued that it objectifies women. But there are many members of the strip club community who are paying off some big loans and adding up to their car collection based on the income from this field. It is up to the people to visit them or reject them. Either way, these places are where the real party happens.

It is easy to get swayed by all that glamor and lose a lot of money. Don’t damage your bank account in this process. It is close to impossible to win the heart of the stripper via your spending spree. Anyone who is in this industry can tell you that they are not going to be impressed and go doey eyed because you have been throwing a lot of cash around. It is recommended to be judicious about your expenditure and go easy.

The strip club is a smokescreen to the job that helps the stripper make an annual income in a decent job in a day. The tips are generous and they work hard on their art to make themselves marketable. Usually, they are out of business post-hitting a certain age. So, it would be unfair to compare the stripping business to a regular day job. But every profession where money is made through honest means deserves respect. The same goes with the strip clubs. Everyone that has visited these places can agree that they are truly exciting. But do not make it a habit to visit these all the time until you come from old money or new money. It is easy to get addicted to this glitz and even easier to get addicted to the attention that you receive.

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