Exotic Dance

Thousands of strip clubs open their doors everyday to millions of visitors. Though many do not consider this job respectable, there are plenty of dancers who stay close to their values and see it as a day job, that only requires them to dance. Many of them are students at some big colleges who are looking to bring their families out of poverty through education. At the same time, they are taking up the jobs of exotic dancer to pay off their loans.

Exotic dancers do not have a boss

Exotic dancers work on their own schedule. The whole setup is a flexible one, and the dancer is paid as long as they show up and thrill the audience. A lot of the money that they make is through tips. They are far beyond the role of a stripper. It requires them to have some special dancing talents that are equivalent to that of a gymnast.

But who exactly are exotic dancers

There is a lot that goes in behind the life of an exotic dancer. It includes a lot of dance practice, clothes shopping, and practicing to do some impossible feats in heels. They land their jobs on the basis of their audition. They go by a stage name and do not use your actual name during their time at work.

Exotic Dance

Exotic dancers are merely entertainers

There is a common misconception floating around that exotic dancers indulge in immorality. But that is not true in any sense. They are for sheer entertainment. They are not to be considered as pieces of meat, who are meant to satisfy the predators. It requires them to be extremely mentally strong to overcome the judgmental eyes of society. Entertainment is something that fills the heart of the audience. To equate it to some disrespect has been a trend in the recent past.

History of exotic dancers

Exotic dances have been around for tens of thousands of years to titillate men. These dances were a way of celebration and also stimulate the bodies of the men. Even using the paleolithic ages, there is evidence of the dancers wearing fur and stripping to excite the audience. It was during the Roman and the Greek empires that even the priestess performed these erotic dances at temples. It was a ritual for them to honor the Moon and the lord of wine through this dance form.

Later on, in the Middle East, there arrived belly dancing. They would dance for money and the audience would throw coins on them. It is to be noted that erotic dance was a common sight in ancient India as well. As eroticism spread through Europe, more and more women turned to this style of dance. Men loved this aura of mysteriousness around women. Then arrived the burlesque style of dance which also included humor and a strange form of storytelling. This dance style still attracts millions of audiences every year. Many of these dancers have been gone on to star in mainstream movies and garnered an impeccable reputation due to their talents.

The raunchy exotic dance

With the current times, more and more women are shedding their inhibitions and are willing to take a step forward and showcase their womanhood. They find power in the display of femininity and enjoy the provocative power they have over the opposite gender. Now, even men are entering the exotic dance scene and they cater to all the sexual orientations.

Exotic dancing has now become a cultural icon. There are many movies that strip in some glamorous light, inspired by exotic dancers.

Getting started in exotic dance

Getting started in exotic dance

One requires to embrace their femininity completely before they set their foot into the world of exotic dance. While there is a lot of money and fame that comes along with it, it should be able to shrug off any judgment that you might come across and have a way to deal with it. You need to be able to dance well and work on your dance skills incessantly. There are many pole dancing classes available too. Ladies are taking up pole dancing as a form of workout. So, you should not find any problem in finding a class.

Benefits of learning

Learning exotic dance is powerful. It shows the beauty of the woman in all of its gorgeous glory, and at the same time, it challenges the flexibility and burns calories. Gymnasiums, as well, offer belly dancing classes as a way of fitness, for those who are bored by the routine workouts. You may even surprise your partner with your dance moves and build that excitement. If you want to make a profit out of this talent, you should buy a pair of tall heels and walk over to the nearest exotic dance club.

There are many shows that show amateur exotic dancers. If you are spotted, you may be hired.

The sources of learning

If you are worried about having to travel a lot to the dance class, you can always enroll yourself in an online class. You do not need to have a pole fixed at your home to proceed. There are various other kinds of dance forms like burlesque, belly dancing, or strip tease, that you can learn by yourself, by following the tutorials. In fact, you do not even have to spend the money to learn. More and more dancers are uploading their dance routines and the tips and tricks they have up their sleeves.

You can use these to your benefit and start your exotic dancing career. While the learning graph is not going to be linear, it would require a lot of dedication and patience on your side. Just be the woman that you are and feel it in the insides of your flesh. The grace and the coyness will automatically embellish your dance performance and help you garner a name for yourself in the industry.

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