Exotic Dancer

Exotic dancing is an exciting and sensual art form. An exotic dancer is typically dressed in a bold and provocative way, and they highlight the power and beauty of their sexuality in the dance performances. Nowadays, many men and women train for it and pursue it as a serious career option because of the number of opportunities available.

A Serious Profession

Exotic dancing is now becoming known as a serious profession. Exotic dancers now have the opportunity to work for many of the top strip clubs and luxurious cruise ships around the world. They are usually well trained in some sophisticated dance forms, like ballet or theatrical dance.


Hence, they possess the necessary set of qualities and skills to succeed as exotic dancers. Many people even like to hire exotic dancers for their private parties, such as bachelor parties or bachelorette parties. There are exotic dancers in Gentleman’s clubs as well, where the people from the rich strata of society usually like to come to have a fun and relaxing time. Hence, the job opportunities are endless.

How to Become an Exotic Dancer

So, how does one exactly become an exotic dancer? Firstly, you will need to be above 18 years of age. Secondly, you will need to have a good understanding of one or more popular dance forms. You will be required to audition and display your dancing skills to your potential employer.

If your employer is happy with your skills, he may provide you with the space in his club or even refer you to other clients. Hence, exotic dancers can have an exciting lifestyle where they will have to travel to many places and work at private parties to provide their clients with an entertaining time.

Exotic Dance

It is important to think carefully before making the decision to be an exotic dancer. You will need to ask yourself all the right questions and see whether you are comfortable with exotic dancing and feel passionate about it.

You need to understand all that the job requires of you. You are expected to be physically fit and acrobatic. You will also be required to pay a licensing fee and acquire a license in the state where you want to work as an exotic dancer.

The Pros of Becoming an Exotic Dancer

Why become an exotic dancer? Usually, you will notice that many of these exotic dancers are just young students above 18 who are trying to meet their expenses and pay their way through their education. However, there are many other reasons.

There is a rise in demand for exotic dancers. There are always plenty of job opportunities available, and the best part is that the work hours are usually quite flexible. Exotic dancers tend to make a good deal of money, especially when they have rich clients who tip them well.

Exotic dancing is also a great way to stay in shape. Many exotic dancers claim that the dance form can be an incredible outlet to express their individuality and feel confident in their own skin. Exotic dancers get to listen to fantastic music while they work, and they often get to meet some very exciting people. Hence, it is a great way to make contacts and build a useful network. You can even start classes on pole dancing and other forms of exotic dancing!

strip club culture

Many exotic dancers are usually pole dancers. There are many significant health benefits associated with pole dancing. This is why many people who don’t even aspire to become pole dancers are learning this activity and treating it like a fitness regime.

If you are tired of going to the gym and doing the usual weightlifting and treadmill running, you should definitely try pole dancing. It is an excellent acrobatic activity that can demand a lot of focus and attention. It will help you with your coordination and balance.

Pole dancing can be an excellent way to train your core, and it even has the positive health benefit of increasing your metabolism. Hence, you can expect to be full of energy. Regular pole dancing will make you incredibly flexible and increase your endurance levels as well.

Lastly, it can be incredibly fun! Hence, you will want to do it more regularly without skipping it or making excuses. It can be a vigorous full-body workout. You can do pole dancing with other people for company and have a great time.

The Cons of Becoming an Exotic Dancer

However, there are certain cons to becoming an exotic dancer. Many people, unfortunately, still carry a lot of stigma around this profession and tend to judge exotic dancers unfairly. Another disadvantage is that exotic dancers often run into some bad customers who don’t tend to behave well.

While exotic dancers can get incredibly lucky when they run into and work for rich clients, this isn’t always the case. Many of them end up making little to no money on some nights in the strip club. The job can be quite physically demanding, and the exotic dancers may not be able to continue with this profession if they develop physical issues. Many exotic dancers suffer from sore feet and blisters because of working all night.

There is also the problematic strip club culture. Usually, the young women who work for these strip clubs can run into the wrong people and get influenced by them negatively. It can be a gateway to drugs as well. Many exotic dancers in the past have claimed that the strip club managers could be very abusive and exploitative, demanding things of them beyond the job description.

Becoming an Exotic Dancer

Many women in the past have unfortunately been exposed to this dark side of the world of strip clubs and have ruined their lives in the process. These kinds of women were usually more vulnerable to abuse because of their life circumstances and other difficulties.

As a result, unfortunately, they get traumatized and develop many mental health issues. Although this isn’t always the case with the lives of all exotic dancers, this is definitely a reality that exists and cannot be ignored.

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