Seasoned artists and companies
By now, you've likely collected decades worth of material that documents your career. Are you thinking about the future of your legacy and how it will continue after you? Then you may fall into this category.

Follow these resources in the Toolkit to secure your legacy:
Copyright: Secure the rights to your work.
Inventory: Document what materials you have and how they are organized.
Preserve: You may have items important to your legacy that have deteriorated or become damaged. Protect against future damage with this tool.
Access: Share your materials with others.
Resources: Seek out the expertise of others to help you with what may seem to be a daunting project.

Image from the Dance Theatre of Harlem archive project: Lib-4 room with boxes of unsorted materials. In the corner stands a poster of Zelda Wynn, the costume supervisor for DTH for around 25 years. Photo by Kat Bell.