Mid-Career artists and companies
At this point in your career, you may have an overwhelming amount of material you've kept over years. Organization is key – if you needed to find the rental agreement for a theatre your company performed in fifteen years ago, could you find it? How fast could you locate that agreement?

Use the following tools to help move you in the right direction:

Inventory Summary: Document what materials you have and how they are organized. An inventory may help you find and tackle obstacles hindering your organization system.
Label: Describe your materials now for easier identification in the future.
Preserve: Have you noticed some items important to your legacy are deteriorating?
Think about what role technology plays in the way you document and preserve your legacy. How will you be able to access digital materials you create now over the lifespan of your career?
Resources: Now is a good time to seek out funding sources and people power.
Copyright: The section Copyright and Art-making explains how to secure the rights to your own work.

Image of Ernest Belcher's ballet shoes, reproduced by Nicole Topich from the Marge Champion Collection at the Library of Congress Performing Arts Division.