Dance Heritage Coalition Registry of Moving Images

Help the Dance Heritage Coalition track - and save! - at-risk films and videotapes that document dance performances, rehearsals and master classes, and interviews!

The Problem

Obsolescence of tape formats and fragility of film and tape are a crisis that endangers access to America's dance legacy. Many tapes and films are in the care of individuals and organizations that do not have reliable information on how to best preserve or digitize the materials.

The Registry

In its Moving Images Registry, the Dance Heritage Coalition collects data on dance-related moving images (films, analog videotapes, and digital tapes) held by dance companies, arts presenters, dance departments, individuals, and others. In the past, this information was collected on paper forms and entered into a spreadsheet manually. The database will soon be online - you can enter information about you, your organization, the types and content of your moving images. This online database will enable the DHC to contact you when it needs updates to your data or when your materials may be eligible for grant programs.


By filling out the Registry form, you are contributing to two important initiatives: 1) you are helping the DHC identify and prioritize initiatives to transfer fragile and rare materials to archival-quality digital formats, and 2) you are providing data of numbers, formats, and content that helps the DHC make an urgent case for preserving and digitizing moving images.

Register for an alert when the Online Form for the Registry is available: Click Here to send a notice for an email alert.

When you fill out the online form, please complete as many of the fields as you can. You may skip parts that are not pertinent to your holdings. Periodically, we will provide opportunities for you to update your data.

Many thanks for supporting the DHC's work to save moving images.