Promotional video for DANCING EARTH, 2012, with excerpts from the 2011
work "Of Bodies of Elements." An indigenous contemporary dance company,
DANCING EARTH draws on the diverse tribal backgrounds of its dancers to
explore indigenous culture and experience.

This page features images of contemporary Native American dance, including companies that incorporate indigenous traditions, modern dance, and other forms.

Dancer from DANCING EARTH The dancers of DANCING EARTH bring a variety of expertise, from traditional powwow dancing to ballet and modern technique to b-boying. The company "creates a space for Indigenous dancers to refuse the disconnection from Indigenous ways-of-being that colonization has wrought," Jacqueline Shea Murphy writes.

Members of DANCING EARTH in Walking the Edge of Water, September 2012 Members of DANCING EARTH in "Walking the Edge of Water," September 2012. Inspired by the ecological activism of Anishinaabe women walking the edges of the Great Lakes to call attention to the importance of clean water, this contemporary work carries on the tradition of Native American dance engaging with location and relationships to the natural world.

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