In this kahiko (ancient) style hula the wahine (female) dancers of 'Ilima Hula Studio pay homage to Hawaii's last monarch, the beloved Queen Liliuokalani. This kahiko mele (song) talks about Lanakila, the royal train and private coach car Liliuokalani rode across O'ahu to visit her adoring subjects. When she alights from the train, the song says, she boards a horse-drawn carriage that takes her to the outlying plains of Leilehua. The dancers wear colors and flowers associated with the Queen and with Hawaiian royalty: shades of purple, as well as a stripped la'i (ti-leaf skirt), while their necks and heads are adorned with Puakalaunu, or Crown flowers. They also dance with a single 'uli'uli (rattle), which provides rhythmic accompaniment to the ho'opa'a's chanting.