Features Page

The page shows you varieties of features that are included with this theme. You can always use this page to display your text and images in 2, 3 & 4 column.

Home Page Style

This theme provides three unique homepage styles with the ability to show your latest blog posts or just display your company's features, benifits, services etc. The login section also helps your user to sign in to their own accounts.

Typography Style

Three different typography styles includes full width texts, column based texts styles and team based information display. All of the typography styles provides its own unique way of displaying your website's information.

Portfolio Style

Four amazing portfolio styles enables you to show your images/works etc in gallery or detailed informative style that helps you to write description text, links for your every single image/work etc. The full view page helps you to describe your each image/work on its own separate page with long descriptions. The additional full view 3D Slideshow page enables you to show your images/work in 3d styled animation while your website users stay relaxed and enjoys the 3d animated slideshow...

Layout Pages Style

This theme also features four unbelievable dynamic layout pages to provide you the ability to show your informations, links, featured images, tabular data etc in varieties of different styles with unlimited possibilities. Why not go ahead and check it live!!!

Miscelleneous Style

Not the least but its always important that a theme has an accurate sitemap that helps users to navigate through the website smoothly. You also have the ability to display error 404 page if incase a page in your website goes missing temporarily or may be removed for some reason.